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Help me meet these 4 crazy lads

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Collage, Manip and Tweet ships!


What you get: 

A collage like this image

image(Manip if you have a picture) 

And a tweet image

What you have to do: 

-mbf me here

-reblog this 

-Leave me a description or tell me where to find your facepage/about me!  

ships + mixes??


mbf me and lily (aka the bae)

reblog this and click this 

ship me/send me a question/idk here

you get:

  • ship + why
  • a link to an 8tracks playlist that describes your blog
  • compliment
  • blog rate/10

no notes and i’ll cry for years




Hey so im feeling a little down so i decided to do ships.

Ze Rulez:

Mbf: me

Reblog dis

Im on mobile so describe your PERSONALITY in my ask.

Whatcha get:

5sos ship:

Best friend:

Random song:

If this gets no notes imma be v v v sad

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Well, I’m probably sleeping now, I added this to queue just to remind you guys that I’m doing ships. So please send me ships to wake up to. :)

Things you should do;

  • follow me (you don’t need to but that’d be good and I’ll love you a life time.)
  • reblog this to let others know.
  • ship me

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So with all this drama happening in the fam, I wanted to something that’ll cheer everyone up, and what better to do that than cute lil ships?

All you gotta do is:

  • follow me
  • reblog this
  • send me a message (can be a ship, question, anything)

and you’ll get:

Ship: Penguin Boy I Cash Money…

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you want this (pls)


im super close to my next hundred guys omg wow so

whatchu gotta do

  • reblog this
  • mbf me
  • message me an fmk, ship & why, personal question, or just ask me what your heart desires lol ill answer anything

whatchu gonna get

  • ships with emblem3, 5sos, vamps, & 1d
  • a fake tweet
  • a compliment
  • and a blog rate /10
  • no notes and ill cry and this never happened ok bye so pls

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